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GANDHI - His Relevance For Our Times

Edited by : G. Ramachandran & T. K. Mahadevan
ISBN 81-7229-348-8

Printed by : Kapur Printing Press, Delhi, India
Published by : Gandhi Peace Foundation
221/223 Deendayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi 110 002, India.

Gandhi Peace Foundation

Preface   Introduction   (Prologue) The Relevance of Gandhi
  The Tradition of Nonviolence and its Underlying Forces   A Study of the Meanings of Nonviolence
  Notes on the Theory of Nonviolence   Nonviolence as a Positive Concept
  Experimentation in Nonviolence: the Next Phase   Satyagraha versus Duragraha: the Limits of Symbolic Violence
  The Best Solver of Conflicts   The Spiritual Basis of Satyagraha
  Satyagraha as a Mirror   Why Did Gandhi Fail?
  Gandhi's Political Significance Today   Violence and Power Politics
  India Yet Must Show The Way   War and What Price Freedom
  A Coordinated Approach to Disarmament   A Disarmament Adequate to Our Times
  The Impact Of Gandhi on the U.S. Peace Movement   Nonviolence and Mississippi
  Aspects of Nonviolence in American Culture   The Gandhian Approach to World Peace
  The Grass-roots of World Peace   Is There a Nonviolent Road to a Peaceful World?
  Nuclear Explosions and World Peace   The Gandhian Way and Nuclear War
  A Gandhian Model for World Politics   A Nonviolent International Authority
  Basic Principles of Gandhism   The Ideal and the Actual in Gandhi's Philosophy
  Means and Ends in Politics   A Contemporary Interpretation of Ahimsa
  The True Spirit of Satyagraha   Gandhi through the Eyes of the Gita
  Gandhi's Illustrious Antecedents   Taking Sarvodaya to the People
  (Epilogue) The Essence of Gandhi   Sources